1. 2nd time 7/8 7/9

    Tuesday night i drove up so we could catch an indie folm. I was starving so we went to a vegan restaurant. When walking in he opened the door. He paid for dinner and shared his food and shake. I found it odd when he grabbed the check. We went back to his house and sat on the couch talking. My feet under his legs and butt. We went to bed earlier since we had to be up stn 9 to catch the 1030am showing not a movie. I am not sure about much and I don’t ask. I am not thinking or over analysing this situation. So I go to lay in bed and he lays in bed. He lays next to me and comes closer to touch or snuggle with me. I turn around to face him and my face is in his chest. He begins to rub my neck and back. I begin to moan because he hit my melting spots. He finds my lips and begins bite lick and kiss my lips. In my head I think oh no how do I tell him I am bleeding. My top comes off and he bites tugs and plays with my nips. My legs wrap around him. He starts to remove my pants and undies and removes his shirt and boxers. I then said wait. He asked if I wanted or did not want to have sex. I said I bleeding and wanted to let you know since some men do not play with blood. He said he did not mind and off I went to remove the tampon. I rubbed his clock upn and down my pushy to tease he gave a big push inside. When he enters me I am still stretching. His clock is a bit thicker than I have ever had. I whimper a bit and he asks if I am ok. I tell him my pussy is still adjusting to his cock. We continue to fornicate until we both about passed out from exhaustion. We snuggle and fall asleep. 845 the alarms go off and we snooze bit till 9. We head to the theater and go see movie one. I offered to pay for the tickets since it was my idea. after the movie we did not now what to do. We decided for another movie. We had a bit of a wait so we walked around and found cupcakes. We sat out talked and raised the sweets. I was going to get the second set of tickets but he said he would get them. I let him. After movie 2 we head back to his house. We laid in bed for a bit. I tried to nap but could not sleep. He checked his email and I gathered my things to head home. I fixed his bed and found blood stains from the previous night. oppsie! I go to to sit on the couch and put on my shoes he asked why I had my shoes on. I said I had to go home. He looks at me and I take off my shoes and place my feet under his butt. Somehow we get on the topic of my phone and he helps me remove apps and clean it and show s me how to update it. Then we go over the features his phone has. He is such a book of techie knowledge. The other day he offered to clean my computer. Kind and sweet can be. So about 845pm I grab my stuff and head home.
    I enjoy sleepy time with him even without sex. I miss having a warm body against mine. I do find him intriguing. I devour all his words. I love listening to him talk about his interests. I just don’t want to expect more or get hurt. I knew when we met we would end up lovers. Weird….


  2. I gave in

    It started out with me getting to his house at 8 at night. He gave me a tour of his house.   That tour was about an hour long. We went through movies, games, cds, shirts, and box sets.  Later We munched on fruit and cake  while watching holymountain, preachingtotheperverted and some zombie movie.. 7 am rolls around and i was dreading the drive to my friends house in GP from FW.  He told me it was ok if i crashed there. He mentioned he was going to meet up with friends later in the day and set the alarm to get up about 1. The couch was calling my name. He goes to his room to change and get ready for bed and i layed on the couch ready for sleep. He walks into the living room and asked if i wanted to sleep on the bed. I asked if he was going to sleep somewhere else. He said his bed was big enough for 4 people. I figured why not its not like he made any moves all night long i would be safe. HA DEAD WRONG! After an hour of talking in bed he asked me to come closer so we could cuddle. I tried and it felt weird because i am not used to men who cuddle. Me as a libra love touch and cuddling and touching but life and experience made me feel odd. So i try to find my spot and finally was able to find peace with my head on his chest. He caressed my back with his hands. I melted and felt right at ease.I could feel his erection which really had me excited.  it was maybe about 10 am when we finally fell asleep. He snored but so light it was more cute than annoying. His alarm goes off at 1. He goes to set it off and comes back to bed. He noticed he was not getting ready and figured maybe he wanted to spend more time with me? So as he gets back into bed i roll over to get back in my spot in his arms. He again brings me in closer and hugs me and caresses my back while his legs intertwine with mine. He spanked me a few times, I was thinking hmm i kind of like this but did not want to seem to eager for the spanking.  He begins to kiss my lips. I am sure we kissed and touched for at least an hour.  1st off with my tank top then off with his tshirt. Off then with my skirt then my pants. He then proceeded to play with my kitty. God he made it purr and he knew where to hit it, Later  his pants came off. I must say he is the only guy as white or whiter than me that i have ever touched. I found it hot to see and explore his body inspecting all markings freckles and hair or the lack of it. I love hairless or kept really short hair when looking at the body. I played with his cock and balls and noticed it was rather nice looking. Some are not as nice but this one was edible. I started to play with it and stroke it. I worked it up a bit and then decided i would lick and give him head. He kept saying how good it felt and i thought yea of course. He then took over and had me on my back. When he started to put it in i felt my walls spread open. It even hurt a little I was totally wet but i guess since i had not had sex in 18 months my kitty was like tighter than norm.  So about 4pm we finish and clean up a bit. We cuddle and go back to bed. 6 30 pm rolls about and i am late for a dinner date. I heard him get up and i throw on my clothes and let him know i had to get going. I gather my things and put them in my car. I head back inside to let him know i was leaving and hugged and kissed him goodbye. I felt kind of sad inside to have to leave yet i had the dinner appt and i had to be home no later than 7 am for work the next morning. 

    Now it is weird because i really enjoyed the time spent with him and now back home i am feeling a bit blue. I want something more than sex in my life and deep inside i guess that is what is bothering me. It is like masturbation is not even good anymore. I had tried to the past few months but it did not feel good and felt painful when it used to feel great. I will not be seeing him till August i believe. but anyway sometimes i just want to feel connected and when i do not have that weird secure connection i get really sad. Times like this i wish i could fuck like a man and just go and not care. I am sure maybe some care but i don’t know

    So yea I had sex. My kitty is happy but my feelings are mush and my brain is saying rookie magda wtf


  3. post one

    I gave in and had sex after 18 months of being good.